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The Diamond X Cowboy Ranch – Spectacular Horse Show

The idea behind the Diamond X Ranch Spectacular Horse Show, is to highlight some of the aspects of what we do at the Ranch and showcase our Cowboys and Horses.

We start off with Doma Vaquera. Doma vaquero, this is the traditional working riding discipline of Spain, from which all the working riding styles of the Americas and many of those of Europe appear to derive.

Doma vaquero is the western style reining event of horseback riding in Spain. Doma vaquero horse riding is commonly used to work cattle, to bring in the fierce bulls from the fields, or to test the bulls. In the arena, this horse sport has developed into a type of reining event where the rider and the horse perform intricate manoeuvres. Cattle in Spain are not roped, but are worked from a distance with a pole called “la garrocha”.

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Then onto Long Reining.Long reining, is a form of horse training; it is driving the horse along while walking behind it; or by working on a circle, which improves rhythm and balance. Long reining balances the horse and make it possible to train him at every pace and in every way.

We showcase Long Reining, by doing it off horseback. Now we move onto Roping.
Roping is based on ranch work in which calves are roped for branding, medical treatment, or other purposes. The cowboy ropes a running calf around the neck with a lariat, and his horse stops and sets back.
After Roping, we do something very special called “Spirit” (For some spectators an Emotional and “Life Changing” moment)
Spirit is laying a horse down. (Just so we are on the same page here, what I am referring to is the slow systematic shaping of behaviour to teach a horse to lay down over numerous sessions.)

Horses will generally respond to things that they feel are a threat to their safety or well-being by one of two responses, fleeing or fighting. At Diamond Cowboy X Ranch, we reserve this process for horses that we deem as being troubled horses.

A horse must learn how to give in to pressure rather than fight against it. Giving in to pressure does not come naturally to all horses. Some horses would rather flee the situation then relax and think about it.
The idea of laying a horse down is to take their ability to flee away and teach them how to accept pressure while being in a very vulnerable position.


How The Show Ends

When laying a horse down you need to pay very careful attention to making sure this a good, painless experience for your horse otherwise you are not achieving what you are striving for and the tool of laying the horse down was used incorrectly. While the horse is laying on its side and in a vulnerable position a horse is usually very anxious to flee so this is a great opportunity to teach your horse how to handle its anxiety on its own, and build a more confident horse. From our experiences this is a wonderful tool when used correctly but it is extremely important that you know what you are doing when approaching this.
Laying a horse down is definitely not something that every horse needs, but it is very beneficial to some when done correctly. Once the tears have been wiped away, we do a Formation Ride.
We ride in two teams, riding a pattern in a controlled manner to highlight and showcase the skill of all our Cowboys and Cowgirls and the beautiful horses on the ranch. A little speed and we are done!!!
Starting off with a game of touches, to display tight turns, rollbacks, sliding stops, flying changes and the incredible manoeuvrability and skills of our horses and the cowboys, this is a high-speed game of touches on horseback. We finish off our show with Barrel Racing. Which is an event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a cloverleaf pattern around pre-set barrels in the fastest time.

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