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Kids Party Venue

Howdy Folks! It is party time for the young cowboys. Birthdays are special and should be celebrated with a big bang.  And that’s why it is a good idea to make use of a true Cowboy Ranch if you’re looking for kids  party venues such as our mighty fine cowboy ranch where real buckaroos, horse wranglers and the likes hangout.
Now that you know where you can have a hee-haw fun cowboy kid’s party, let’s look at a few party game ideas to make the day even more Wild West.


Top 7 Kids Cowboy Party Games

1. Horse Shoe Tossing 

It’s a game of throwing horse shoes to a target pole with the one closest to or having most of the horseshoes stacked around the pole declared as the Master of the Wild West. It is one game that your gang is sure to enjoy at our ranch.

2. There’s a Diamond In My Boot

Though the Wild West was more known for rattlesnakes, gold and bank robberies than diamonds, you can play it with a large fake diamond, gold nugget or a rubber snake. Get a few real pointy cowboy shoes and arrange them in a ring. The young buckaroos then have to guess in which boot the diamond, gold nugget or snake is hidden. Place the item in another boot if found. 

3. Relay Barrel Race

If the kids are still very young, then the broomstick horses will do just fine. For older kids we suggest a weekend cowboy pony camp where they’ll actually learn how to ride the ponies and do barrel racing. But back to the young guns – use broomstick horses with horse head shapes (use poster board) to attach to the end of the broomstick with a bit of yarn for the tail. Divide the group into cowboys and crooks. One team member at a time races around the barrel and back and then passes the broomstick horse to their team mate behind them. The team who finishes first is the winner. 

4. WANTED! Catch The Robber

Using hoola-hoops for lassos the cowboys get to chase down the bank robber. Play the game in a set area where it is safe to run. Let one adult be the robber dressed up as a real bad bandit and the kids chase after him. Once the bandit is caught with a hoola-lasso then he is jailed through freezing. To be freed he needs to pay a hefty bail in the form of sweets for all! The game stops when all sweets are in the hands of the bounty hunters. 

5. Dancing Like Its The Olden Days

Have real a how-down with Western music playing. Each of the buckaroos must work together to keep the balloons in the air during the music period. Stop the music at intervals where the cowboys must try to grab one of the balloons. The bounty king has a large bag with all the names of the party guests. Once a cowboy’s name is drawn, he must pop his balloon and complete the fun challenge, which will lead to a small award such as a gift or sweet. Everyone can get an opportunity. The challenges are not difficult – after all, it is a kid’s party. Think of challenges such as rub your tummy and head while jumping on one foot or walk around and pretend you are a bull etc.  Double the number of balloons to make sure there are two for every cowboy. 

6. Mechanical Bull

Our Mechanical Bull will brighten up any kids party. Our Bull will ensure that you have a bucking good time. 

7.  Party Outrides

Our well-schooled trail horses are suitable for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders from age 12 and up. 

For even more fun – get to our ranch just outside Rayton as one of the best cowboy kids party venues where they’ll have so much fun that they’ll want to stay in the Wild-Wild West forever!  
PS: Terms, Age restrictions, Parental Supervision & Conditions Apply. We will, however, assist you as much as we can to make sure that it’s a hee-haw party! 


kiddies party food

Kiddies Party Menus

  • Hamburger & Chips
  • Cheeseburger & Chips
  • Chickenburger & Chips
  • Chicken Nuggets & Chips
  • Hotdogs & Chips
  • Boerewors Rolls & Chips
  • Party Platters

And many more tailor-made options available, we re happy to discuss and execute your special kids party food needs.

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